Tri-Mix of legs, hips and glutes!

Published on January 9, 2017 by Body2Die4

YOU NEED 1 chair that is strong and support it on the wall to avoid moves!!
From left to right starting up:
1 jumps forward and backwards. 1 MINUTE.
2 jumps smaller than the previous one but it’S 2 backwards and forwards. 2 1 MINUTE.
3 quick steps in the form of an earwig, always jumping in action. 45 seconds.
4 unlike the previous hands are closer to one of the other towards the center of the chair.
Bend your knees falling forward kicking up your heels and staying on my tiptoes. Need to get down until your knees are approx 10 cm from the floor. 20 repetitions.
5 the same as the number 1 ️, but with one leg. 40 seconds with each leg.
6 hands in the corners of the back for better balance. Spread your legs and feet slightly open. The idea is to jump taking knees higher than your wrist (only if you can, otherwise all the way) and the fall squat. 15 reps.
7 Elevation of legs, take it up to the highest part of the back of the chair. 20 reps on each side.
8 ️ 5 seconds of mini jog at full speed, and then jump back and start again. 1 MINUTE.
9 here the differentiating factor is that we make the circumference but from the inside out. 15 rep with each leg.
Beginners 2 Series, Intermediate 3 and advanced 4.
You know… you’re going to sweat the fat!